we're going to make this as difficult as possible...

There's more qualifiers in this JetBlue ad than exist in many pharma ads. Completely off brand for the airline that otherwise prides itself on simplicity and 'easy'. The "restrictions apply" note at the end almost feels like a joke. Really??

There's an old advertising rule: If you can't explain it to your mom, simplify the concept. Seems like the copy from this new $50 coupon from JetBlue might have benefited from this thinking.

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Ben Kunz said...

So if I read this ad today and respond to it tomorrow I'll get a voucher by Thanksgiving for my next trip in about two months as long as I commit to a first trip in about a month before my next trip which won't be available for the voucher promotion that I sign up for by next week with an offer that expires in two weeks but I will get something in my email in six weeks for my next trip in two months. I think I got it. Thanks.

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