tally: video with twitter is really cool.

We have a client Tally (I'd say that I've changed her name here, to protect the innocent, but I haven't). Tally loves reading our blog. Except for when we post videos. Because they're too disruptive to the work flow. Because you know - you can kind of work, participate in a conference call, and sort of half pay attention while reading blog posts. (You do the same thing. Admit it.) But video is different. Video requires most of your attention. And that's where Tally draws the line.

The social media developments in video this year have been nothing short of amazing. So many wonderful tools, and so many possibilities. The other day, I posted on 12 seconds, a tool that lets you record 12 second video clips.

Viddler just upped the ante. You can record 15 seconds of video with Viddler. But it's not the 3 seconds that makes the difference. It's how Viddler integrated their tool with Twitter. Viddler and Twitter. Together. So now you can post a quick video clip and tweet it at the same time. That's video-micro-blogging awesomeness.

Tally: stop working. Forget about productivity. Your company will run itself. You should just spend more time goofing off, and watching videos. I believe you may enjoy this one.


sandieman said...

It's def. great for getting your point across quickly. I enjoy watching knowing that people can only take up so much time and have a high quality vs. quantity ratio.

Tally said...

Darryl,I finally got around to reading, and viewing your post.
I think I might just give the internet a try, what is your web site? www.FU.com!
Way to tick off a client...I'll come around eventually, I just bought my first discman.

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