new trend in window displays: women on hooks

Earlier this week, some posh shop in London hung a woman from hooks in their store window. Don't worry - it's not a new line of bras by Victoria Secret. It's an effort to promote a cause for Sea Shepard, and raise awareness about the plight of sharks.

It seems that when sharks aren't chewing up surfers, fishermen are catching them, cutting off their fins and throwing them back in the sea to die a slow death. That's mean - even for a shark. So performance artist Alice Newstead painted herself with ugly makeup and got hung up nicely in a shop window. Yeesh.


mave said...

I love it when supposedly progressive causes and organizations use women as meat. Peta does this all the time - naked women in cages, nearly naked women dressed up as vegetables. Sex sells, and all.

"Err, pardon me, guys... your misogyny's is showing."

sara said...

That lady's "doing her part" and I admire that. Whatever does it for you... it's just unfortunate that not everyone has the brain filter that prevents embarrassingly stupid ideas from being executed.

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