meet chris.

Meet Plaid's newest recruit, Chris. Hailing from Hartford, CT, Chris joins our agency with some pretty amazing design experience as well as ecommerce, affiliate marketing and interactive experience that has him filled with industry buzzwords.

Chris likes cars. And coffee.
He wears flip flops, even on cold days. Even to client meetings.
He knows old school wrestling, and is a multi instrumentalist. He can play bluegrass. (That should have been caught in the interview process, but we like him, so we're cutting his bluegrass ass a break.)

Chris' last name, Spada, means "falling" in some language and "sword" in another. Some have called him "falling sword" but to us, that just sounds like a Viagra commercial.

Follow Chris at spadachris on Twitter, and welcome him to the grandest of all agencies in all of the land...Plaid.

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