internet kills newsprint, and then captures it for history

Now that the internet has eliminated the need for paper newspapers, some people want to read them on their screens.

Google has just launched an initiative to put every newspaper on the internet. The old, printed ones. And they're going to be searchable, indexed and readable in their original formats.

Now you'll be able to search, zoom in and view newspapers from long ago. Just like old people used to do in libraries, with something called microfiche (sounds like a disease for puppies, doesn't it?)

This is a pretty impressive tool. It's fun to explore, and gives you one more reason never ever leave your home. Or to even open the door. Just stay where you are.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Don't forget Microfilm too.

Ah, if they could just use that crazy sound of the film being rewound from one reel to another. Good old "spool of death!"

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