germaphobes: shopping is now fun

Are you the type of person that likes to shop in a Tyvek suit, with rubber gloves? Or do you get skeeved out by the stickiness of the fludge (just made that word up) left on the handles of shopping carriages? Well now you can shop in germ-free glory.

The Retail Design Diva reports that the Chevy Chase Supermarket in Chevy Chase, Maryland (both real places, I swear) have instituted the Pure Cart System. It's like a virus killing, cleaning machine for shopping baskets. Hooray.

This is a real trend, and should be a real concern for retailers competing in this market. Now, can someone design a fancy cleaning machine for escalator hand rails?

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Unknown said...

Hmm...but the halo Clorox gets via disinfecting wipes at the cart coral (think Free Love) might be a better, branded way to go.

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