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One of the most difficult things for a startup (other than getting cash) is building a brand identity. Coming up with a good name, a strong identity and finding a url that's available.

Greg Verdino points to a pretty cool tool that makes it a lot easier. IncSpring is a site that sells brands. Pre-created, pre-designed, and some even come with the url ready to go. At reasonable rates, too - most are a couple of thousand dollars - which is less than many design firms would charge for the same quality work. That's affordable for a small business.

Even better - the public can vote on their favorite brands. So you can get a sense of what's good before you commit. I like HotCocktail. That would be a sweet name for an agency, an apparel company, or of course a bar. Or an identity. You should just rename yourself HotCocktail right now, and insist that all of your friends refer to you as such.


Unknown said...

Hmm, being that I'm the Brand Identity Guru I would like to make a comment or two.

1. That's a corporate identity not a brand identity. A brand identity is everything a company wants to be perceived as. Volvo's brand identity is safety. Lots of people call a logo, name and or website a "brand identity" but it's only a small part of a real brand identity.

2. This only really works if and only if you do happen to find a logo, name and URL that are a perfect match for how you want to be perceived.

Otherwise it's like throwing lipstick on a hockey mom. I mean pig. Same difference!

Unknown said...

I wrote a post on it as well: http://www.brandidentityguru.com/wordpress/2008/09/need-a-fast-brand-choose-wisely/

dirkthecow said...

HotCocktail....now that would indeed be an awesome name for an agency! (even better, how about I heart hotcocktail?)

Unlike these people who choose ridiculous names for their agencies like Plaid, Cow etc

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