england's hot spot for animations

4mations is like a YouTube for animations. Our friends in England may really dig this, as it's produced in partnership with their famous Channel 4.

Right now, it looks to be mostly stuff from their side of the pond. (You know, all that high brow stuff featuring people with accents.) We need to hop on and start adding South Park videos, and other sweet examples of American ingenuity. And stupidity.

1 comment:

Mel Kirk said...

Thanks for checking out 4mations. Whilst there's plenty of high brow stuff, we're hoping to get plenty more plain stupid stuff up there too...

Talking of which, have you seen this... (be warned, it's just plan wrong) http://www.4mations.tv/clip.aspx?key=230A621B6BABD875&ctx=medialist&type=video

We hope you enjoy! :)

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