dread: the next big thing in advertising.

It seems like over 60% of your local tv news is now weather. And their focus (whenever possible) is always dread. How can we make the heat sound more oppressive? How can we make this snowstorm sound more dangerous?

Dread keeps people watching. And dread drives the news (today's financial news is a perfect example.) Ben over at Thought Gadgets has an interesting question - how can dread be used in advertising?

(He also speaks of a bunch of existential stuff that's way outside of our league. We're lucky just to understand that he meant dread, not dreads.)

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Becky Terhaar said...

It makes you wonder whether or not our economy would be the state that it's in hadn't the media played the dread card so frequently. It's like if your dog died and every day your mom reminded you about it, how quickly do you think you'd get over it?

I've actually noticed plenty of advertisers playing into this as well - just listen to Radio 880AM, they run constantly.

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