army: we're the new hot

Who's the new agency for the Army?? They're doing some really breakthrough things. We posted earlier about their new recruitment tactic in malls. Apparently, that's only the start of the mall invasion.

In a joint venture with Sears, the Army is licensing official army apparel and launching the All American Army Brand's First Infantry Division clothing collection. This is a winning idea. For Sears, it's a product that you can't get anywhere else that's well suited for their demo. For the Army, it's taking advantage of an existing need in the marketplace (army surplus and surplus look-alike gear has been in style forever.)

Awesome concept. There should be a promotional website for the apparel. Like now.


Anonymous said...

Interesting move. I wonder if McCain is elected what impact this will have and how much a pro-military administration will help boost sales.

And if Obama wins, will this idea ... tank?


EDubyaH said...

Finally one reason to go to sears. What an awesome idea.

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