what works for fortune 500: blue

ToddAnd points to a collection of Fortune 500 logos. What do they all have in common? Blue.

Something we've seen over the years, at our agency:
+ Blue is the only color that most people don't hate.
+ People don't get emotional over blue.
+ Blue makes people comfortable.
+ Blue is the committee buster. It won't get dumped, if it has to be approved by multitudes of management teams.

Which may explain the prominence of the glorious comfort color in the collection above. What can blue do for you?


Ben Kunz said...

Let's get together and buy the URL www.blue.com

Unknown said...

Blue also emits a feeling of trust and from what I remember in Color Theory way back in 1998, it had those same characteristics.

Anonymous said...

Oh no - our logo is RED - screaming, crazy RED

Anonymous said...

Trendsspotting has recently investigated color dominance on the web. We have interviewed designers on this matter. As suggested here we found that "Blue is dominating the web" http://www.trendsspotting.com/blog/?p=325

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