this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most awesome design and branding firm:

This was the first full week of having everyone back from tour, and getting things back to 'normal' state. We announced that our 2009 tour will take place in the midwest. Think the midwest is flat and filled with cornfields? Just wait. We've got a load of surprises planned, and we've barely started the planning process.

We edited a "best of" our Plaid tour - taking key moments from each of the daily wrap up videos. You can still view all of the individual daily wrapups on the tour dashboard, and on Vimeo.

We hired a new designer! His name is Chris, and we'll formally introduce him in the next couple of weeks.

Lots of new clients this week. Maybe it's the tour, maybe it's Plaid fever spreading across the nation. Whatever it is, we're liking where this is going, and love meeting new people. Even when it starts with an NDA.

We're featured in the September issue of HOW Design Magazine! There's apparently a sweet two page spread devoted to Plaid love. We don't have our copy yet (mail is slow here, I guess), and it's not on news stand yet either. Checking the mailbox daily.

Plaidsters will be spending this weekend hunting bigfoot, or doing whatever Plaidsters do at the end of summertime on a weekend. Enjoy.

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