sears: we don't understand you.

Profits at Sears fell 62%. A brand that's lost it's brand.

Their advertising has become a billboard to the world proclaiming "we're clueless about you, but will you shop here?"

Check out their print ad attempting to appeal to college students and gamers. So many inconsistencies that it would be impossible for this to connect with it's audience. A headline about "playing hard", while the student relaxes in a chair. A Sony Playstation game - yet the kid's using an Xbox controller.

A wonderous two page spread that screams: "We don't understand you." Maybe it's time they ask "who's our audience?" and really spend some time getting to know them - and defining the 'soul' of the Sears brand.


Ben Kunz said...

I love this critique. Well done.

RFB said...

And that room looks very professionally decorated, just like all college age kids' rooms.

mikelite said...

what college kid can afford a PS3 and that sweet, mounted flat panel TV? That's the client crowbar-ing that shit in there. And I love how the parents can swing all those electronics, but only spring for a ghetto IKEA bookshelf.

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