search can be beautiful

Tired of all the Cuil hype? Check out Viewzi, a search engine that supplies results in a visually inspiring manner, while giving users several options to review their results. I'm not sure how long this has been around, but it looks to be a pretty cool tool. Thanks Rob!


Anonymous said...

looks can be deceiving.

Rob Biddiscombe said...

The more you play with it the more you'll find there actually is some substance behind those looks. There are a few innovative ways that Viewzi can offer up search results that definitely deserve merit. It does help to direct link to your preferred viewing method since it removes that initial clunky step.

Anonymous said...


It's tough being pretty. Everyone automatically assumes that behind your good looks is little substance. We're getting used to this initial reaction and find that, with a little patience, most of those who make that initial assumption are pleasantly surprised to find a useful, compelling, fun search engine that turns search upside-down.

Thanks for noticing the work we're doing and stay tuned tomorrow (Tuesday, August 5) as we're launching a new view.

giovanni gallucci, viewzi evangelist

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viewzi. change the way you look at search.

Andy Jukes said...

Not to take anything away from Viewzi, which looks great and serves a somewhat different purpose anyway, but have you tried SearchMe? It’s pretty nice-looking as well.

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