meet real people when you travel

Jared Goralnick has some excellent advice on how to use social networks to improve your travel experience.

And this isn't just a theoretical blog post. Jared practices what he preaches. I met Jared at SXSW, thanks to his efforts on Facebook and one of the SXSW social sites. Now Jared's traveling the globe and meeting interesting people along the way. And he's detailed exactly how you can do the same on your next trip.

If you've ever wondered how social networks could benefit you personally, here's yet another wonderful example. Jump in. The water's fine.

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Anonymous said...

This is right on. Although I don't travel much anymore, just this week I've met with two "social network friends" who I'd never met while they were visiting my fair city for a conference. Both times, it was great getting to know someone new.

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