madmen using tools of the future

Are you a fan of MadMen, the retro tv show dedicated to the advertising industry of the glorious 60's? Back when people smoked and drank and had sex in the workplace? Back when people used phones and paper?

Now you can stay in touch with one of the show's characters, Don Draper, by following him on Twitter.

This is a very clever use of Twitter, and other television/film properties should pay attention. Well done. From BrandNew, via Twitter. Duh.


mikelite said...

the thing that pisses me off is, if you've already busted the logic machine, then go all out and make an official Sterling Cooper website. The one in his bio only redirects you to AMC's MadMen website. Put up a SterlingCooper client list & agency bios & portfolios. Put up a job recruitment site. Talk about a missed opportunity!

darryl ohrt said...

Oh, TOTALLY, Mike. And you could continue to update the site based on what's happening in the show. Would have/could have been awesome.

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