jet blue: schedules schmedules.

This hurts me to post. Because JetBlue was always one of those brands that I've loved, loved, loved. One of those brands that I've held up as an example to other brands, as someone we could learn from. And still the airline of choice for our agency.

But things are slipping. The airline industry needs help, people.

Bill Baker is the dude who was left stranded (with a couple of hundred other passengers) in Oregon for a couple of days by JetBlue. Rather than just shrug it off as "I don't expect to get what I pay for when I buy air travel", Bill decided to do something. Like any good internet citizen, he started a blog. And a small claims lawsuit.

To help make him feel better, JetBlue invited him to their upcoming terminal opening party (in the LEGENDARY Saarinen terminal). thing...they screwed up the scheduling on the invite. Read Bill's post for the glorious details. If I didn't know Bill personally, I'd swear this was a joke, or Photoshop. But it's not.

Please, please, please JetBlue: Get back on top of your game.

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Mason West said...

To be fair... there are worse places to get stranded than Oregon. :)

Sad state of affairs with air travel these days. More people should buy vans.

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