how design gets plaid

The September issue of HOW is covered in Plaid. First, our 2007 Plaid Summer Tour won a "Merit" award for self promotion. If that wasn't enough, they featured a two page spread on the tour as a unique self promotional tool. (Matt models the cover above)

The story isn't live on the HOW site yet, but we've scanned a copy for you to see. Read the first page of the spread here, and the second page here. We think that you should buy all of the copies at your local newstand and tell the cashier at Borders that Plaid ROCKS!

Funny side story: We told HOW that one of the clients we were introduced to on tour was the genius team at crayon. They assumed we meant CRAYOLA, and printed that we landed them as a client. I wonder if the marketing team at Crayola is reading HOW and thinking, who's Plaid???

Thanks HOW!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats guys!!

I should totally wear my Plaid shirt when buying a copy; )

Anonymous said...

Giuli and I say your welcome for putting it in the Fed-ex box... and thanks to Dave for improving my exacto skills! :)

Where did Matt's hair go???

Congrats to the greatest ad agency in all the land... and to How for giving Crayola to Plaid... ;)

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