go ahead. make a suggestion.

We ran into the folks at SuggestionBox (kinda sorta) while on tour this summer.

A cool idea. Anyone can make a suggestion about anything. If you're a brand, and you 'claim' your suggestion box, you get all sorts of features to integrate the box into your online properties. And you make it really easy for customers (or potential customers) to make suggestions about your brand, your store, your service or your haircut.

It's $495 for the year - which if one suggestion gains you a new customer, probably pays for itself. (Unless you're selling $4.95 hot dogs, then you'd have to gain 100 customers. Or 50 customers if they were hungry ones. You get the idea.)

The non-profit package is only $49.50/year, which especially seems like a no-brainer, as most non-profits are lacking the resources (or people) to collect this type of information.


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. Looking forward to running into you guys (for real), soon.

Jeff Whitton
Founder, SuggestionBox.com

Anonymous said...

Hey Darryl,

Thanks for showing us some blog love! Thanks for checking out our new homepage redesign that hopefully emphasizes the power of our brand ;)


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