another tool for twitter users to obsess over

One of the downsides of Twitter, blogs and other social media tools is that they bring a gross personality trait to the surface that used to be reserved for "the populars" in high school. People obsessing over the number of followers that they've amassed, the traffic they pulled, and other measures of how "popular" they are, versus the real connections, friendships and bonds that they're making.

These people will rejoice with a new tool that rates their Twitter performance. Twitter Grader lets you "measure your Twitter mojo." Yech. Another measurement to obsess over. To compare against others. Watch for the many tweets about the obsessor's scores, and theories on how to increase their scores.

My advice: Ignore it all. Share. Connect. Help others. Be a part of a community - paying no attention to scores, rankings or who's dating the cheerleading captain this weekend.


Chris S said...

oh god.. I thought I was passed this phase where people know I'm not cool.

Warren said...

Agreed, People used to do this with twitterholic, but then it passed. This too shall pass.

Anonymous said... enjoy Twitter the way you want to enjoy it and get value, not from a grade (seriously, I think this might just be for fun though).

Anonymous said...

96!!! I'm teh awesome!!!1!

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