youtube annotations used to get the message out

Here's a simple but excellent use of the new YouTube annotations feature, for promotional purposes.

It's in Italian, so who knows what the fellow is trying to tell us - but Nicola from swears it's a Marketing Manager, attempting to spread the news about a killer offer. Unless Nicola is a part of the conspiracy, trying to keep this Italian man down. You decide. Or find someone that speaks Italian, and settle it once and for all.


Unknown said...

It is, in fact, about an offer. Barilla, to be precise. :)

Anonymous said... is an offer, but actually from Pril (a brand of Henkel)...

Anonymous said...

Actually it is! First of all, since Plaid-is-not-Paid, so we all wish to thank you for the interest, from Italy.

The film is in Italian because the offer is for Italian market only, so it seemed pointless to make it in other languages.

But for you all English speaking people out there, here is a rough translation for you to get it all.

"When you will see this video, God only knows where I will be… I don’t have much time… My name is Alessandro Martello, Marketing Manager of Henkel. I’m here because everybody has to know about Pril’s “Magic Offer”… Help me deliver this… this message to my Assistant, Serena Gardella…

(voices from outside)

If my colleague will have this sheet, you too will be able to receive several packs of Pril Tabs for your dishwasher, or, anyway, for a friend of yours who owns a dishwasher!

(from outside: “here he is! after him!”)

They’re coming… they don’t want you to know about this offer… I’m in your hands… please deliver the message!"

Anonymous said...

fun. i could see this as a series, nicola.

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