where will you be tomorrow morning?

In line for the new iPhone? Possibly nothing compares to the iPhone devotion (or nutiness) of Twitter buddies Brad and Joe.

Brad has been without an iPhone for 26 days.

Joe is traveling halfway across the country to wait in line with Brad so they can both buy the new iPhone.

Why? Because the iPhones that they sell in Indiana are so much better than the ones in the northeast. Or maybe Joe really wants an Indiana area code, for "cool factor." Or because Joe really supports his buddy's struggle without an iPhone for 26 days. Or maybe it's just that Joe's travel schedule had him in Indiana tomorrow. Clearly, someone needs to produce a documentary to answer these questions.

Happy iPhone eve.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gotta represent the 317. It's the new Silicon Valley... or something like that.

Less than 24 hours, and I can hardly control my excitement. Getting everything geared up for the night to ensure blogging/video of the event.

It'd sure be a lot easier if I had an iPhone. :)

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