a tool you need right now

How many times have you been in a situation where you didn't want to type notes into your iPhone, but weren't carrying your heavy Moleskine notebook or your laptop around? "I'll remember this idea." Yep. We've all been there, and you know you'll never remember that grand idea, website, or other snippet of genius that you're not writing down.

You need Field Notes. This is an awesome product that we discovered while on the Plaid tour. What cell phone cameras are to digital cameras, Field Notes are to notebooks and laptops.

They fit in the back pocket of your jeans. You can bend it, drop it, write on the cover and never stress about it. Just big enough, just small enough.

We're using them on tour for show notes, reminders and things that we need to remember for later. Mine is pictured above. And it's awesome.

What's in your pocket?


RFB said...

Retro-simplicity. Welcome to 1925, or 1863, or 1768.

You can't beat old-school ease.

Anonymous said...

wow... you've just discovered paper.

Carrie said...

Is this different from the Moleskine cahiers? You can get a pack of 3 of those for $6.95, as opposed to the $9.95 for the Field Notes brand books (which look basically identical, except for the Field Notes logo on the front).

They're great little notebooks, though. More people should use them.

Anonymous said...

Well, my "field notes" costed about $2 it has a Ferrari on its cover but barely fits in my jeans pocket. $9 sounds kinda expesive to me.

Anonymous said...

yup, $9 for three little booklets is on the pricey side. i also favor something that makes it easy to rip out a page.

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