this dude will not be at roger's picnic

Roger's Wireless is putting on a big music festival that they call Roger's Picnic. And they want to let everyone know what kind of cool bands are playing there. And motivate the audience to check out the Roger's Picnic website.

So M30 in Toronto created a campaign that promotes the festival by showing you what kind of bands WON'T be there. Who won't be there? This totally metal dude. Or Bomb Bay. Or Roulette.

What a cool way to build curiosity, and drive traffic to the site. Nicely done.


RFB said...

And excellent riffing on the part of the actors. You can tell a lot of what is said is not scripted.

Dicked. said...

Agree. The other two are good, this one is the strongest. Unique angle for concert promotion - nice to see a big corporation taking a risk on this stuff.

Shane Davies said...

That's my favourite; If only he'd played a Spinal Tap cameo.

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