steve woodruff is waiting for your genius

Steve Woodruff is a really smart dude. Like many of us, he's recognized the need for a new super tool to confaburate all of the many, many social media tools and devices that we need into one snazzy dashboard. One dashboard, where you can control everything. Only one problem: Steve isn't really a developer. But he knows that as a community, we're filled with designers, developers and girl geniuses. So he's doing something.

Steve Woodruff is crowd designing the ultimate dashboard, deemed MetaMee. Check out his posts (part 1), (part 2), (part 3) and the latest on his blog. Be enlightened or inspired by watching the thought and development process. Or pitch in with ideas and direction to make it better. This is the ultimate tool waiting for your input.

I want this product now. Right now. Can you hurry up and help Steve finish the design process and start coding? Or can some VC company just give him a kabillion dollars to develop this tool today? Productivity is waiting.


Anonymous said...


Wow...thanks. The kabillion wouldn't be a bad start, actually! And, you've introduced a BRAND SPANKING NEW word: confaburate! Let's define it right now: to pull together disparate pieces into some thing fabulous. Whoever builds MetaMee is the world's first Confaburator!

Robert Hruzek said...

Quick; somebody write the "confaburate" article for Wikipedia!

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