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Ryan Kuder has turned us onto zeaLog, a new social measuring tool. Use it to keep track of, measure, graph and track whatever you're doing. And then share and compare with friends from across the world.

It's a simple, fun tool to use, and I wonder what kind of mashups might be possible. Like would it be possible to make a social version of a running tool, similar to NikePlus?? Could graphs be embedded into other media? Lot of possibilities and ideas are churning...

It's in beta now, but sign up (or beg someone more popular than me) for an invite.


Robert Zamees said...

You know it! I've got... oh heck, who knows how many zeaLOGs running. But they vary from tracking movies quotes said in public, to the guilt that America feels on a daily basis and rent/new home prices in my area as I search for a few investment properties.

Love it! Go zeaLOG!

Aaron H. said...

Thanks for the post.

zeaLOG is my baby and we've got lots of really cool things in store. Like you mentioned, there are a bunch of different ways you can use the information and we will have an API in the future that allows you to do all sorts of neat mashups.

People already use it for so many more things than I could have ever imagined. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

I'm cooler than Darryl, so if anyone wants an invite, ping me on Twitter. @ryankuder

Garza Girl said...

I'm a zealogger... I tried the popular water Zealog and some other fun ones, but I'm pretty loyal to my own running Zealog, tracking my mileage for eight months now.

I've got an invite too to spare. Find me @fein on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

I've been logging all kinds of stuff on zeaLOG for a while now - great fun and super useful, and the shared logs are great for motivation/competition between workout buddies, dieters, competitive eaters, frequent fliers, you name it.

I've got invites too - @sallypnut on Twitter.

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