read the internet while at the sports stadium

If sports stadiums had LCD screens and the internet in every chair, then I'd go to games every weekend. Popular Science has a feature on a new field for the Oakland A's that might feature such devices.

I wonder how on earth these would survive beer spills, vomit comets, and team rage abuse. But then again, maybe in Los Angeles, people are polite and laid back at their sports games. And wash their hands before fingering public touch screen devices. The more I think of it, the more I like the idea of staying home. Safely in front of a computer screen.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how well these would work during a sunny day game, anyways.

Anonymous said...

Plastic-wrap, sunbrellas, waterproof materials and other features. You think they could not go for that someday?

Anonymous said...

Oakland isn't Los Angeles

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