people still read magazines?

Thought Gadgets reports on a cool new idea in the magazine publishing industry. (Yes, there's still enough people to call it an industry, I guess.)

MagHound is a service where you pay 9.95/month for seven publications that you can switch with other publications whenever you want. Tired of Vanity Fair? Switch it next month and get GQ. Switch and swap month in and month out.

I'm suspicious that they feature magazines that have been shuttered. Some for a while now. But we'll cut them a break for now, as it appears that the site is still under construction. (Magazine publishers: there are better ways to slow launch a site. Call us.)

(And doesn't Photoshop make Lindsay Lohan look hotolicious??)

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Anonymous said...

I still enjoy reading magazines. I think there some kind of connection made with printed paper that you can't get with a computer. Of course I spend WAY more time reading online than I do reading magazines, but there are a few business, technology, and design mags that I'll occasionally pick up.

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