meet parker

Parker the Intern came to Plaid at just the right moment. And by right moment we mean just in time for the Plaid tour insanity to begin. Ever wonder who actually assembled all those key chains and put together those sweet blogger packages? That's Parker. She's an assembling machine. Even better: she claims to like that kind of stuff. She's still giving us the thumbs up, so we'll assume she's cool with it.

But don't let her appreciation for the mundane fool you. Parker has impeccable design skills, too. You can check out some of her Plaidtastic work on our tour site and see for yourself.

Parker will be with us through August, when she returns to a life of cafeteria food, homework and student projects. (Which, after a summer of working with David, she might be looking forward to Salisbury steak and student work.) Welcome Parker!

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