crazychurch: we're giving it away

Churches need lots of stuff. Content for their sermons. Ads to promote their services. And websites, because people really dig the internet. A lot of churches don't have big ad budgets. Or content development budgets.

So CrazyChurch comes to the table. Ready to deliver loads and loads of free pre-packaged stuff for launch at your church. Free. Other non-profits could learn a thing or two from the wacked out dudes at CrazyChurch. Thanks Kevin!

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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. The reason it works is because each church is a mini-brand. Each brand has a finite audience and - typically - very limited geographic foot print. Therefore, the chances of overlap or bleed is minimal. Church-hoppers - and there aren't that many - would be the only ones to see the same materials from more than one mini-brand.

What other categories enjoy this environmental purity?

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