banner ads as tools

Adverlab points to an exciting new ad development. Bookmarkable ads that are also tools. Spongecell is offering ads that allow users to do widget-type things, like set a reminder for yourself about an upcoming event, sale, or expiration date. And of course share with your friends using the social media tool of your choice.

This is a cool trend, and could actually make banners that are purposeful. Together, we could change the world. One banner at a time.

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Kevin Dugan, @prblog said...

Darryl - My new gig used Spongecell to do a mobile coupon test for Long John Silvers.

They serve up examples of Spongecell in action on their site and if you do not see it at first under the try it out section keep refreshing.

Anyway, the test went really well and we're talking about it at iMedia Brand Summit this weekend.

My new firm is Empower MediaMarketing. And as their marketing director you could consider this shameless shilling. It's not. But I am all about full disclosure.


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