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Google has just launched Lively, which looks to have some massive potential. Lively is a 3D application that allows users to create avatars, place them into virtual environments, and communicate with others in that environment. Yes - just like SecondLife.

But this is a Google product. And there are a few things that look enticing in comparison to Second Life or MMORPG's. With Lively, "rooms" have real-world urls - that can be embedded into web pages, blogs, etc. You can pull in photographs and YouTube videos. And you'll eventually be able to port in friends from other social media tools.

Adverlab and Mashable have excellent rundowns of what's possible, along with screen shots.

For now, Lively is a PC only application. :( But a Mac version is promised soon.

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Anonymous said...

Seems very clunky compared to second life but that may just be me.

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