world of wifecraft: marriage counseling 2.0

What if you could use games like World of Warcraft to help you through real life? World of Wifecraft is a guide on how guys addicted to MMORPG's can get along in life. By treating life just like a quest in the game.

Send this clip to the person in your life that's obsessed with World of Warcraft, or other MMORPG's. So funny.


Anonymous said...

I liked the "Facebook in real life better". This one is kind of dorky ;-)

the girl Riot™ said...

dude. i don't even play WoW and i found this hella funny. thanks for the share!

Anonymous said...

As a WoW addict, I remember how long and hard I worked for my first level 40 mount. The symbolism is perfect. Because that first mount was like the greatest. You rode it all the time. Then you kinda started forgetting to mount up and later you wanted faster mounts, newer mounts, unique mounts. And that first mount?? well it is back in the inventory somewhere.

So yeah, I see how the use of sex with your wife as "mounts" in WoW is a lot a like.

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