stop the smears: awesome promo tactic

This is a seriously great promotional tactic - regardless of what side of the fence you're on.

Obama has launched Fight the Smears, a site devoted to answering any of the accusations that are being thrown around by McCain supporters. Worried that Obama eats live babies in satanic rituals? Now you can get the facts.

This is fantastic on multiple levels:

1. Presents the Obama brand as being a part of the conversation, and willing to answer any challenge brought to the table.

2. Creates one place for his supporters to point their friends who have heard "smears".

3. Works as yet another tool in the arsenal for the campaign. When questioned on any item, Obama supporters can claim "We've answered this in detail on our site Stop the" In one sentence, you've just labeled the opposition's claim a smear, and driven traffic to a your promotional site.

Genius. Big brands could learn something here. Found on MaketheLogoBigger.


Ben Kunz said...

This really is brilliant.

One other angle: Over time, as the smears collect, this will become a huge counterweight to the McCain campaign. Imagine a voter on the fence who visits this site 3 months from now and sees that it has collected 257 "smears" from the opponent's campaign. The sum total becomes a huge anti-message about the opponent himself.

I could use a site like this myself, for all those days my wife says I haven't taken out the trash...

Anonymous said...

This is a great move for the campaign, but I'm wondering why they didn't employ it a little sooner. My concern is that the negatives are already implanted in the public consciousness.

George Feelings said...

There are no smears you can leave for the Obama's. When you have people who hate the United States, white people, the way of life in the United States, how can you smear them? Most people now teach at Universities fell the way they do. They all agree with the A.C.L.U. as the group does.
Never did we think there would be people who hate the United States more than the Clinton's, are be more radical.
The only way to smear Obama would be to say He was born in. and grew up in the U.S. He loved his name Barry, before taking on the name of Hussane.
If elected president he would cut taxes, stop abortion, build up the military, win in Iraq, treat people as he would want to be treated.
He never agreed with Wright, Loves the Lord, and believes He is the only way to Heaven.
Say things like he is in favor of childen to Pray in school ever where, in fact he would change the law in favor.
The bad smear would be he is in favor of gun wrights. Will not raize taxes on oil so the prices will climb.
One smear I have heard is he wants to win in Iraq. He believes muslims are a threat to freedom all over the world.
Stop these before he looses every vote he has.

Anonymous said...

Love Stop the Smears. It's similar to what Al Franken did in "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them". Take each lie, one at a time, and deconstruct it. Use truth and facts, not innuendo and half-truths, to show the way. If a person takes a look at the propaganda of the right wing talking heads, one will often see alot of accusations with little proof. The strategy seems to be, say it often enough and people will believe it. will go a long way toward declawing this tactic. Assuming people will see the site.
We know that Limbaugh's "Ditto-heads" won't look at this site. They're trained to think their side is always right and anyone who doesn't agree with them has an ulterior motive. The real challenge is to get uncommitted voters to look at it. Do this, and it could help the Truth, which is usually the main casualty of political races.

Anonymous said...

the Obama site is might be a scammish version of spam or a spammish version of scam. it wants your name and email.

Unknown said...

Dear George Feelings,
If you want to make a point about any item that you believe in please make sure that it is readable. Failure to do takes away from your post, and makes you look unintelligent and uninformed.

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