sit your ass down. here. no here.

Finally, chairs that behave. And follow you, from the scent of your behind. Or your library card. Not sure. This is the most awesome invention ever. Not just for the chair, but for the products that are sure to follow.

I'll never have to carry my 65 pound messenger bag around again. To hell with a laptop - let's have the full on desktop machine follow me to meetings. And a wagon of jackets and clothes, so that when I forget that it's cold out, and need to change. I can't wait to live in a world where everything that I need just follows me around.

Awesome find from Orange Element.


Anonymous said...

Before learning about these chairs I had never really been able to understand all the sweet applications RFID technology will have. Like you, I can't wait for all the cool ass products that are sure to come on the heels of this.

Thanks for the link, D!


Unknown said...

Or self organizing desks :)

I can just see the fun after the library closes @ night.

The Topeka pub lib and others have used RFID with automating their material handling and for proper shelf organization (i.e. shelf reading). The cost of these systems and maintenance have been prohibitive--the same as with other industries.

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't that what interns are for?

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