removing money from your account is now awesome

Every time that someone uses an ATM machine, the heart of a designer is crushed. Crushed by the unnecessary ugly, the bad type, the lack of passion from the UI design. Until now.

Check out this case study on the redesign of the Wells Fargo ATM interface. Now, every time that someone withdraws cash from a Wells Fargo ATM, a designer gets wings. Beautiful.

1 comment:

Ben Kunz said...


I also wonder why ATMs don't offer personalization. Every time I go, I do the same thing -- take out $120. Couldn't they say,

"Welcome back, Ben. Click here for your usual?"

Instead, I have to click through 5 or 6 screens. A minor annoyance, but another reason I'm putting everything on AmEx and avoiding banks altogether, which can't be good for their business.

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