NC agencies: let's trade.

Coworker Rob has decided that CT is not cool enough for him and his facial hair, so he's decided to move. To Charlotte, NC. Here's the thing. Rob needs a bitchin' job at the second best agency in the land. And we need the second best designer to replace Rob.

So if you're an agency in the Charlotte area, we have a proposal:


One talented designer. Red hair, goatee-thingee on face, some tattoos. Capable of award-winning, attention getting, conversation starting work. Idea superstar who's not afraid to jump out of a plane. Given the right motivation, may even jump off of a Mexican bridge.

Will trade for designer of equal (or better) talent, willing to work at the best agency in all of the land. Must be a fun person. Fantastical web design skills. Goatee optional.

Send prospects for trade to: darryl (AT) thinkplaid (DOT) com. Offers to Rob can be sent to rob (AT) thinkplaid (DOT) com.

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Ben Kunz said...

Seriously, readers, one of you must hire this guy. We have worked with Rob and he is one of the most amazing, talented designers in the world. He led redesign of our own agency web site and conversion rates doubled after launch.

Plus he's pretty cool to work with.

If you have an opening, call Plaid now. Supplies are limited.

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