if i were a chick, i would dig chictopia

Chictopia rocks. Browse photos of people sorted to your body type, and get the latest fashion ideas. Not just ideas - but even the detail on where to get the very same items.

The tool allows users to annotate their photos with detail on what they're wearing. For instance, the super hot secretary outfit above? The top comes from JCrew, the skirt comes from Urban Outfitters and the shoes and purse from Goodwill. Like the JCrew top? One click, and you're seeing every photo tagged with a JCrew item. Sweetfashionlicious.

Users can vote on favorite styles, so you can see what works and what doesn't, for your body type. They even have photos of guys, for your boyfriend.

I'm totally uploading a photo of the most ridiculous outfit, just to see how many votes I can get. But that's me. You should use this tool for real, and put together a sweet ensemble. From kirtsy

1 comment:

TheSundayBest said...

Yo. Dudes dig Chictopia as well. Just saying.


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