how to share your reel.

While researching interesting brands and people that we'd like to meet on the Plaid Summer Tour, coworker Sara found Laika. A super cool animation and production facility in Oregon.

Their work is stunning - but that's not the only thing you should check out. Their site allows you to view their reels - and put together your own reel of their work, in any order you'd like. And then share it with friends.

They've thought hard about their audience - agencies and people who hire animators - and understand that there are several people that are a part of that decision making process. By allowing the sharing of a custom reel, everyone in on the decision can see the same work. Awesome work. Awesome marketing. Totally, completely awesome.

AND - I discovered that they produced the new spots for Soy Joy - which rock, btw. See the spot in my custom Laika reel.


Mason West said...

Nice comment. Laika does a lot of great work people don't know about - especially over seas.

When-ish are you rolling through Portland?

darryl ohrt said...

Hey Mason -

We hit Portland on Wednesday, July 23. Stop by VooDoo donuts and say hi, or, if you're from an agency or brand that would like us to stop by, let us know: (darryl AT thinkplaid DOT com)!

Full schedule here:

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