drive anywhere and everywhere with google maps

Coworker Rob found Geoquake. A mashup game where you can drive a car over Google Maps. Almost like Grand Theft Auto, only on a real map. And without all of the killing, hookers, 3D graphics, cool cars, etc.

This is an awesome mashup with loads of promotional opportunities. What about a version that encourages users to explore your campus? Or a scavenger hunt, where you photo your car over certain objects? Or as an automobile promo showing that your vehicle can drive over anything. (Even buildings.) So many cool ideas. Ready to ride.

But for now, I'm driving over pedestrians in New York. Cuz that's how I roll.


Anna said...

Sweet! I suck at this almost as much as I suck at Grand Theft Auto.

Anonymous said...

Cool site. However, it's just not as much fun without being able to kill hookers, beat up old ladies and take drugs...or is that just me?

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