daddy! ryan's choking on the legos again.

At first, you'll think this can't be true. Kellogg's could not produce a candy that looks very much like a small toy from the real world. But they did.

I've seen corporate environments that refuse to let a good idea escape the boardroom - but how did 47 committees at Kellogg's approve this instead?

Why stop here? Here's some fun ideas for new Kellogg's products:

+ Juice in bottles that look like bleach!
+ Soda that looks just like auto anti-freeze! Or blue "windshield wiper" flavor!
+ All new razor blade chewing gum!
+ New handgun candy dispensers! Just pull the trigger for full flavor!

Mmmmm. Tasty.


Ben Kunz said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Please. Stop.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. Are their lawyers sleeping on the job again? [Smacks forehead]

Rob Biddiscombe said...

They'd be crazy not to do this! Their focus groups for ages 2-8 LOVED the idea - sit back, watch the cash roll in - who cares that it goes right back out to pay the settlements!

Anonymous said...

Hells yeah. Gonna by me some stock in Kellogg's right now.

Got to love responsible companies.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost too horrified to comment.

No, wait, I'm not. These guys are utter morons. Do they even have children? Were they ever children? Or did a computer create this concept?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable..doesn't surprise me though. I'm sure this has been in the works for ten years...yeah, there's a missing link somewhere in the food chain at kellogg's. Next up, marble-shaped gummies.

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