are buses hot again?

A few of us recently drove to New Hampshire for a couple of meetings. We passed a handful of Bolt Buses, and were intrigued with their branding. Cooler looking than your average buses. Now people are talking about it.

This is a mode of transport that has largely been ignored by great branding, unique service, and for the most part, just left by the wayside.

Bolt Bus has taken a super cool approach to busing. They sport cool graphics. They're cheap. They're only available in select routes. THEY HAVE WIFI ON BOARD. Let me say it again. THEY HAVE WIFI ON BOARD. Something that trains and most planes are still scratching their heads on.

I'm loving the concept. Build a powerful brand, offer a unique service, and have fun. Go Bolt, go.

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michelle marts said...

Public transportation is so hot right now.

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