75 years of preppy love

75 years ago, someone decided to put an alligator on a shirt, and then turn his collar up, and sneer at the person next to him in a t-shirt. And a brand was born.
Not sure if that's the actual Lacoste history - but you can discover for yourself at the the new Lacoste campaign site.

Lacoste is celebrating 75 years of preppy love, and produced some beautious flashy goo for you to enjoy. They've artfully placed some historic footage, and yet positioned themselves for the future.

You can even submit your own "in the future..." quote to be published on the site. I'm guessing that they won't be approving my "In the future, tennis will be stupid" submission. We'll see. From Styleboost.


Unknown said...

Every year my wife and I go to Nantucket just to laugh at the preps for a weekend. Green and pink baby...

I wear my Reef flip flops (the one's with bottle openers on the soles), cargo shorts and t's. Being a beach bum is what I'm about. Being a girly man, well, sorry...pink and green aren't my colors!

Unknown said...

In the future, every tennis player will resemble Daft Punk.

I envy Akama's "beautious flashy goo" skills.

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