when is your service not appropriate for ads?

So, you may or not know about this new personal cosmetic thing that's going on. If you're even slightly conservative in the sexual area, stop reading now.

Anal bleaching. (Here's a completely safe for work explanation) Invented first on the west coast (no surprise), and now it's in New York. Supposedly, there's only one anal bleaching provider (?) in all of New York City. And, he wants to spread the word about the services he provides.

People in NYC are getting upset. And they don't want to see ads with pics like the one above (from the Face to Face NYC website) on ads, on their streets. The campaign is currently running in gay magazines, posters, and phone booths (yeah, phone booths. they still exist).

My favorite quote from the TimeOut NY article: “There’s no market for anal bleaching on the Upper East Side, unless I’m in the dark.” Oh my.


Unknown said...

Well as you know I've been called a "Boston Faggot" from those chaps over at Direct Hit Solutions so I feel uniquely qualified to comment on this.

They are actually doing a great job at identifing their target market and positioning the product. If you are gay and want your partner to have a pristine butt then this products for you!

I say Kudos for a job well done!

darryl ohrt said...

Agree. The images that I've seen are no more racy than anything used in campaigns for Diesel, Calvin Klein or American Apparel.

I have a feeling there's a homophobia thing going on here - but I haven't seen all of the ads, either.

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