when a direct mail appeal is over the top

Check out this great post from Bill Baker, an avid supporter for the Human Society. Except - they're about to lose him, forever.

Creating multiple touch points is a wonderful thing, if you're building a brand. But if you're a non-profit, and those touch points begin to cost more (or even appear to cost more) than what your donor has given, there's a problem.

This is a good lesson for any non-profit. Let's hope the Humane Society is listening.


Anonymous said...

in general, I would much rather receive direct mail than spam or telemarketing, but this seems to be a bit much. 3 or 4 pieces a week? wow. talk about an out of whack signal to noise ratio.
If this was from a for-profit company, it would just be annoying, but coming from a non-profit, it's irresponsible.

@Bill Baker I'll be more than happy to take those digital watches and blankets off your hands...

Bill Baker said...

If being on time and staying warm are priorities, you don't want them. They are pretty crappy.

frickinmuck said...

it's gotten so that I am extremely reluctant to donate to any organization unless I do so anonymously. these days, the second you give an organization your contact info and a bit of cash, they will never leave you alone. it's not just the mail - it's the phone calls. and in some cases they share lists, so that you'll hear from 10 other organizations as well.

I like the red cross and donate to them regularly. I've never once been spammed by them.

I also donate a lot locally, but rarely do I bother with a tax receipt (which would mean giving them my info). sad, really.

PBurns said...

It's worse than you think.

See >> http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2008/07/back-in-november-of-2007-i-wrote-piece.html

It turns out HSUS flushes NINETY PERCENT OF YOUR MONEY down the rat hole of more direct mail.

And they do NOTHING to help local shelters at all. Not. a. thing.


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