wacky packs celebrates 35 years

Wacky Packs is celebrating their 35th anniversary! To commemorate this very special time in history, the Topps Company has released a Wacky Packs coffee table book. Or kitchen table book.

Wacky Packs were the ultimate slap in the face to all things branding, and a celebration of irreverence for a generation of Mad Magazine readers.

The clip above is a cornball teevee show that details what a Wacky Pack is, for those of you that were born yesterday. From Kristin Gorski.


Anonymous said...

David -
I'm buying you this for your birthday!

frickinmuck said...

omg - wacky packages = one of my all-time favorite things. I remember when I was a kid I used to FREAK OUT over them. now that I'm an adult, I still do...

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