this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most awesome design and branding firm:

Sara started! We'll formerly introduce her to you in a post next week. She's in the role of "producer", and basically keeps things moving, keeps people happy, and keeps our agency profitable. So we like her a lot.

Sara, Steph and RJ ordered business cards. We don't believe in titles at Plaid - so employees make up their own, when it comes to business cards. We've got some good ones in this batch:
Sara: Duchess of Awesome
Steph: Evil Genius
RJ: Assistant to the Director of Miscellaneous
I've also updated my title, to Internetologist.

Dave and I enjoyed a fun casting session for an upcoming video shoot. We met some pretty talented actors, and pushed them to their limits.

RJ went prop shopping, for a couple of shoots that are coming up. Which prompted a call from Citibank, about his new company credit card. "We've received a few suspicious charges on your card, that we'd like to confirm"

"A cupcake mousepad?"
"Security guard uniform?"
"Something from Woopass Enterprises?"
"A police radio?"
"Hotel room keychains?"
"Puma sneakers?"

We laughed as RJ confirmed the purchases to Citibank, and realized that wasn't even an unusual day of shopping at Plaid...just wait RJ.

David and Steph launched the first stage of the PlaidNation tour dashboard. This is where we'll broadcast every aspect of our upcoming Plaid summer tour.

Matt and Renato launched a video that we produced for crayon, and oovoo, to commemorate the MyooVooDay event that took place a few weeks ago.

Spring means the end of school - which brings happy and sad news. Katie has completed her internship at Plaid, and we'll be sad to see her leave. Although we did enjoy some vanillicious 'last day' cake (pic above). Katie doesn't do well with chocolate - so we baked a vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting, with a chocolate graphic. (And by "baking" we mean ordered it at a bakery.)

End of the school year also means graduation for former intern Brian Garofalo. Brian has done a plaid-load of cool things while at our agency, and even served as technical producer for last year's Plaid summer tour. We attended his portfolio show, earlier in the week. He'll be a real score, for any agency looking for new talent!

The weekend brings lots of grey skies. Just like every other day in New England. See ya next week!

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