please, don't let this be true

The Animal reports that Shepard Fairey may be losing his eyesight, due to Diabetes. They claim that he could be legally blind by the end of the year.

Shepard's work is polarizing. He's been heralded as this generation's Andy Warhol, and he's been labeled a fraud, by people who believe he's borrowed elements of art from existing media.

He's garnered a new level of publicity this year, as he designed some of the most beautiful political posters that you ever laid eyes on.

And now, his own eyes may be failing. This would be sad news. Although if true, I know that Shepard's got a plan. He'll see things in different ways, crank the Obey machine into high high gear, and turn it into something that none of us can see today.

All the best, Shepard.

(photograph by Elizabeth Daniels)


mave said...

jeezus h, that's terrible news.

Unknown said...

Crap, that's horrible.

Best wishes and good luck Shepard.

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