obama lovers just gave you the best social media idea

If you haven't already checked out Oh Boy Obama, do it now. Put aside your politics, and just look - because this is the most awesomely delicious example of how to crowd source, and use social media for the promotion of a brand.

The site is an open think tank, where Obama fans can chime in with ideas for Obama related to his scheduling, tactical plans, publicity, advertising, demographics, and more. Visitors can vote on their favorite ideas, and the most popular rise to the top.

This is an uber relevant example of how to use social media, that can be applied to nearly any brand. B2C, B2B, whatever. Need ideas on how this could be applied to your industry? You know who to call.

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Unknown said...

Taking visual cues from Digg, WP, & MediaWiki is either smart or dangerous. User (karma) ratings is exceptionally smart.

On a related branding note, John King (Landor) has been writing about political branding @ Contagious.

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