meet sara.

Sara has now taken a pledge, and devoted her life to Plaid. She's the newest member of the Plaidalicious team, and makes the greatest agency in all of the land just a little bit sweeter.

Sara's got a really cool background. She's lived in Orlando, Miami, NYC, San Francisco, and now finds herself stuck in New England, with the rest of us. What better way to pass the time, than a career at Plaid.

Sara has joined us in the role of "Producer", even though we don't believe in titles around here. Her job role is to keep everyone happy. By making sure clients get what they need. And creatives have what they need. And that everything makes Plaid money.

Random things you probably didn't already know about Sara:

+ She likes the Gun Club and The Replacements
+ She survived a lightning strike
+ She's almost ten feet tall
+ Her sister is a model

Send Sara a big howdy at Sara (AT) thinkplaid (dot) com, or follow her on Twitter.

Welcome, Sara!!!


Duchess said...

Just wanted to add that, even though you can't tell by the picture, Sara actually has hair.

Anonymous said...

I seriously can’t top a lightning strike.

xtinar said...

Sara also has been known to entertain Lumberjacks.

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